Definition: Meaning of, eleven in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ɪˈlɛv(ə)n /

  • number, noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
  1. the number 11
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  2. [countable] a team of 11 players in football or CRICKET
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eleven used in phrases

  • 7-Eleven
    1. a shop that sells food, drinks, magazines, cleaning products etc. 7-Elevens are smaller than SUPERMARKET s . They are usually in busy parts of a city and they are open from early in the morning until very late at night. 7-Elevens are very common in the US, and there are also some in the UK, especially in London.
  • eleven-plus (noun)
    1. an examination that all children in Britain used to take at the age of 11 in order to decide what kind of SECONDARY SCHOOL they should go to. In some areas, children still take this examination.
  • eleven-sided (adjective)
    1. having eleven sides
  • nine eleven (noun)
    1. September 11, 2001, when TERRORISTS used planes to attack New York and Washington
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