Definition: Meaning of, kingdom in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ˈkɪŋdəm /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
kingdom kingdoms
  1. a country ruled by a king or queen
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  2. the animal/plant/mineral kingdom one of the three parts into which the natural world is divided
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  3. the kingdom of heaven/God also God's kingdom heaven
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  4. kingdom come informal a phrase used to describe the end of the world, death, or the end of time
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kingdom used in phrases

  • Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
    1. (1806-59) an English engineer famous for his railway engines, bridges, and iron ships
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (noun)
    1. an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea
  • Kingdom of Belgium (noun)
    1. a monarchy in northwestern Europe; headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Kingdom of Bhutan (noun)
    1. a landlocked principality in the Himalayas to the northeast of India
  • Kingdom of Cambodia (noun)
    1. a nation in southeastern Asia; was part of Indochina under French rule until 1946
  • Kingdom of Denmark (noun)
    1. a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe; consists of the mainland of Jutland and many islands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Kingdom of God (noun)
    1. the spiritual domain over which God is sovereign
  • Kingdom of Lesotho (noun)
    1. a landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
  • Kingdom of Morocco (noun)
    1. constitutional monarchy a kingdom in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956
  • Kingdom of Nepal (noun)
    1. a small landlocked Asian country high in the Himalayas between India and China
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