Definition: Meaning of, mud in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / mʌd /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
  1. wet earth that has become soft and sticky
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  2. here's mud in your eye spoken old-fashioned used for expressing good wishes when having an alcoholic drink with someone [=  cheers British English]
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mud used in phrases

  • drag through the mud (verb)
    1. speak unfavourably about
  • drilling mud (noun)
    1. a mixture of clays and chemicals and water; pumped down the drill pipe to lubricate and cool the drilling bit and to flush out the cuttings and to strengthen the sides of the hole
  • here's mud in your eye
    1. a toast when drinking
  • mud bath (noun)
    1. as for treating rheumatism a bath in warm mud
  • mud brick (noun)
    1. a brick made from baked mud
  • mud dauber (noun)
    1. wasp that constructs mud cells on a solid base in which females place eggs laid in paralysed insect larvae
  • mud digger (noun)
    1. a labourer who digs ditches
  • mud flat (noun)
    1. a tract of low muddy land near an estuary; covered at high tide and exposed at low tide
  • mud hen (noun)
    1. a coot found in North America
  • mud midget (noun)
    1. having narrow flat sickle-shaped submerged fronds; North America
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