Definition: Meaning of, pudding in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ˈpʊdɪŋ /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
pudding puddings
[uncountable and countable]
  1. especially British English a hot sweet dish, made from cake, rice, bread etc with fruit, milk or other sweet things added
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  2. especially American English a thick sweet creamy dish, usually made with milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, and served cold
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  3. British English a sweet dish served at the end of a meal
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  4. British English a hot dish made of a mixture of flour, fat etc, with meat or vegetables inside
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pudding used in phrases

  • Christmas pudding (noun)
    1. a special sweet food that contains a lot of dried fruit and is eaten in Britain at the end of the main meal on Christmas Day
  • Eve's pudding (noun)
    1. a sweet DESSERT food, consisting of cooked apples with a layer of SPONGE cake on top
  • Nesselrode pudding (noun)
    1. a rich frozen pudding made of chopped chestnuts and maraschino cherries and candied fruits and liqueur or rum
  • Yorkshire pudding (noun)
    1. a food made from flour, eggs, and milk, baked and eaten with meat in Britain
  • black pudding (noun)
    1. a kind of thick dark SAUSAGE made from animal blood and fat
  • blood pudding (noun)
    1. a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients
  • bread pudding (noun)
    1. a dessert made from stale bread, suet, egg, sugar or golden syrup, spices, and dried fruit
  • carrot pudding (noun)
    1. pudding made with grated carrots
  • chocolate pudding (noun)
    1. sweet chocolate flavoured custard-like pudding usually thickened with flour rather than eggs
  • corn pudding (noun)
    1. pudding made of corn and cream and egg
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