Definition: Meaning of, shirt in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ʃəːt /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
shirt shirts
  1. a piece of clothing that covers the upper part of your body and your arms, usually has a collar, and is fastened at the front by buttons [↪  blouse]
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  2. keep your shirt on spoken used to tell someone who is becoming angry that they should stay calm
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  3. put/bet/stake your shirt on something British English informal to risk all your money on something
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shirt used in phrases

  • T-shirt (noun)
    1. a soft shirt with short SLEEVE s and no collar
  • dress shirt (noun)
    1. a formal shirt, sometimes with a special decoration at the front, that a man wears under a DINNER JACKET
  • evening shirt (noun)
    1. usually with a dinner jacket with a starch front a man's white shirt for evening wear
  • hair shirt (noun)
    1. a shirt made of rough uncomfortable cloth containing hair, worn in the past by some religious people to punish themselves
  • hair-shirt (adjective)
    1. self-sacrificing or austere
  • keep your shirt on
    1. an admonition to be more patient or to calm down
  • polo shirt (noun)
    1. a shirt that has a collar, a few buttons near the neck, and is pulled on over the head
  • shirt button (noun)
    1. a button on a shirt
  • shirt tail (noun)
    1. the part of a shirt that is below your waist and is usually inside your trousers
  • shirt-lifter (noun)
    1. a very offensive word for a man who is HOMOSEXUAL
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