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Parts of Speech: adjective
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English to Arabic dictionary online with ALDictionary

Arabic language has it set of alphabets and syllables. Therefore, when you are trying to learn Arabic language you need a good online dictionary of English to Arabic. The internet has come up as a great help for numerous things, learning being one of them. Now you can learn umpteen things with the help of ALDictionary.

You can easily learn a new language with the help of ALDictionary, the only website of a good online dictionary. Good online English to Arabic dictionary is a must if you wish to learn the Arabic language. While you may be able to find a number of English to Arabic dictionaries, each claiming to be better than the other. However, rich English to Arabic dictionary is one that not only gives you the translation of words from one language to the other but also gives you examples of its usage, pronunciation of words and synonyms of words.

Universal Arabic English Dictionary
When you are trying to perfect your knowledge of the Arabic language, you need a rich and universal dictionary that helps you find meanings, pronunciation and usage of words. The English to Arabic dictionary online helps you do just that. It has both general as well as specialized vocabularies. You can use it to express your views. You just need to give the English word in the search box provided and press Enter. The dictionary would get you the meaning, pronunciation and usage of the word in Arabic. The free English to Arabic dictionary also provides you appropriate expressions of the word, choosing which you can translate the text in a better manner.
Benefits of the Online English to Arabic Dictionary
There are several advantages of using the online English to Arabic dictionary. These benefits are listed as below:
  • The online dictionary is always available. You may use it anywhere and at any time.
  • There is no need to carry a bulky dictionary along with you wherever you go. ALDictionary can accomplish your task easily.
  • Being free, you can have all the translations from English to Arabic for free. You do not even need a tutor for the same.
  • You can find not only the meanings of the English words in Arabic but also find its synonyms, pronunciation and usage. Examples of the word used in different sentences are also provided by the online English to Arabic dictionary.
  • The best thing about online English to Arabic dictionary is that there are constant updates in the dictionary. Unlike the printed version where you have to wait for months or even years before the revised or new version is available, the online version is constantly updated. Users are prompted to add in new words to the dictionary, thereby making it better for users.
  • You can even add words and expressions to the dictionary. We are just an email away. Send us a feedback with your word. We will definitely add your word in our database.
  • We are here to support you in any manner for your Arabic dictionary needs.
Using the Arabic English Dictionary
Using the English to Arabic dictionary is fairly simple. You need not download the entire dictionary to your computer but can simply open the web page and start searching for the required words. When you start the Arabic dictionary, you are prompted to enter the English word. On pressing the 'Enter' button, the Arabic equivalent of the word is displayed within seconds. You can refine your search or even look for synonyms for the English words. If you are unable to understand how to use the Arabic word in a sentence, you can even ask for an example. ALDictionary is always ready to help you.

With online English to Arabic translation being so easy, students from all over the world interested in learning a new language are very happy. They can simply find the meaning of the Arabic word in English or vice-versa. There is no need to mull over old English to Arabic dictionary, which might even not have the words used in today's time.
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