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lampreys as distinguished from hagfishes
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Quick provision of English to Arabic meaning by ALDictionary

Arabic is considered to be the main source or the language of communication in Islam. The importance of this language is extreme since the language has been used to develop the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. It is safe to say that Arabic is the substance of the Muslim community. Arabic has its own syllables and alphabets that are used while using this language for writing purposes.

ALDictionary understands the importance of Arabic and its significance among one of the biggest communities of the world. Hence, ALDictionary is here with the English to Arabic dictionary. ALDictionary serves you as your very personal pocket dictionary that extends its helping hands while you skim through pages to understand the meaning of a specific word. It is even easier to use and to understand. You do not have to skim through pages after pages, rather you can type or copy paste your desired words in the search box and gain results upon clicking enter within a fraction of seconds. Learn new Arabic words and gain insight of the language in an easier but more effective way with the help of ALDictionary.

Your in-hand Arabic dictionary to the rescue

If you are learning Arabic newly and is looking forward to note down every little word that you get to hear on a daily basis to learn the Arabic version of that word then ALDictionary can prove to the best choice for you. It is very evident that when you start to learn a language, you learn better when you learn in fragments. In this regard learning in fragments stands for learning words by words, which helps you in gaining a clear idea of vocabulary, all you need is just one helping hand. ALDictionary can be that helping hand to assist you in learning Arabic better. ALDictionary’s English to Arabic dictionary is your personal assistant to let you step ahead in your language learning journey.

The advantages you gain by using ALDictionary’s English to Arabic online Dictionary

A factory full of advantages will be at your fingertips when you start to use ALDictionary’s Arabic free online dictionary. The advantages are listed below:
  • You can use ALDictionary anytime and anywhere, all you need are your device and an active internet connection.
  • It is totally free of cost, you are provided with unlimited searches without having to pay a single penny. In this regard it is safe to say that our Arabic dictionary is a great help to the students.
  • ALDictionary does not only provide you with the meaning and the definition of the word but it also serves the synonym, antonym, examples, grammatical explanation and even the pronunciation of the word.
  • Our ALDictionary is regularly updated, which means you will be getting newest addition of words without any extra charges.

ALDictionary’s approach towards being the biggest English to Arabic Dictionary

The biggest aim of ALDictionary is to be the help that everyone requires while learning a new language. This is why we have worked hard and put a good amount of effort in developing this Arabic free online dictionary. With an inclusion of a huge chunk of words, that can be very easily defined in Arabic can help you in learning Arabic language better and faster.

Using our ALDictionary is quite easy as well. Our dictionary interface is very user friendly. All you need to do is to go to the “more” section in the dictionary and choose Arabic. Then you can type or paste your desired word in the search box and press enter. With a few seconds the results will be shown in your screen. There will be meaning, definition, examples, pronunciation, synonym and antonym of the word. This detailed information of the word will help you in building a better understanding of Arabic language.

ALDictionary is the perfect amalgamation of tradition and technology. This website helps you in keeping the tradition of noting down new words with their meanings but now with the help of technology. With the investment of a very little amount of time, you will be learning new Arabic words converted from English words in Arabic fonts while unfolding the opportunity of learning better and faster.

About ALDictionary

About ALDictionary
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