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An impressive and easy-to-use online dictionary, ALDictionary is for everyone. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher or a scholar looking to learn English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali or Arabic or just wanting to know the meaning, usage and pronunciation of certain words, turn into our dictionary. Great navigability, easy-to-use features and fun way of learning make ALDictionary a great reference site.

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Pronunciation: ɒˈstreɪlɪən;ɔːˈstreɪlɪən ˈkɒkrəʊtʃ
Parts of Speech: noun
widely distributed in warm countries

ALDictionary provides meanings from English to Arabic

Arabic language is one of the most recognized and world's major languages. Known to be the language of Qu'ran, Arabic has been recognized for its presence in the Arab countries and its popularity amongst the Muslim community. With its own range of syllables and alphabets Arabic can be easily learned by anyone.

For making your learning of Arabic language easy ALDictionary has come up with its own dictionary that provides ready reference for making translations of words and meanings from English to Arabic. Making a powerful use of internet in bringing the service of English to Arabic dictionary, ALDictionary brings learning new languages in your fingertips. With the help of our comprehensive dictionary you can easily translate the words of English into its Arabic meanings and learn more about the language!

ALDictionary as an Arabic English Dictionary for you!
While the internet is flooded with a variety of dictionaries to help you with finding the meanings, synonyms, antonyms and related pronunciation, ALDictionary takes a step forward and strives to make you learn languages with the help of dictionary. This dictionary not just helps you in getting the exact meaning of the English words in Arabic or its translations but also guides on its usage, pronunciation, reference of words and synonyms. Thus making you grasp the language with ease and your learning more enhanced.
ALDictionary, the best English to Arabic dictionary to use today!
While you may be striving to make a difference to your diction in Arabic syllables, there is a need to constantly seek answers to the questions and doubts relating to words of English or Arabic. Being the free online dictionary for learning Arabic, ALDictionary is a ready help for you to find meaning, usage of words, pronunciation and take reference of words instantly. With general and special vocabularies, the dictionary English Arabic helps in bringing the best experience of learning Arabic online.
How to use the ALDictionary English to Arabic dictionary?
The dictionary has been designed with simplistic view to give the readers a fuss free experience in searching the right word and its meaning. All you have to do is type the required word in English in the search box of the dictionary to get an easy translation of the word and its meaning in Arabic. You will get a comprehensive translation of the word, meaning, pronunciation, usage of the word as well as its expression.

Benefits of using online English to Arabic dictionary
Of course using ALDictionary online has its own advantages, they are:
  • Its available anytime and anywhere
  • The fuss to carry a big book of meanings and translations is no more required
  • It is free online dictionary and thus pocket friendly
  • Provides comprehensive meaning of the words from English to Arabic with its pronunciation, synonyms, usage etc.
  • Be the first to grasp the newest of additions to the dictionary as online dictionary are regularly updated.
  • You can add words and meanings to words to our dictionary and make it more interesting while learning.
Experiencing Arabic English Dictionary
Online dictionary has its own advantage and being one of the most communicative and comprehensive dictionary, ALDictionary is bound to become your friend for learning a new language. Start using the English to Arabic Dictionary and you will come across zillions of words that are going to help you update your knowledge and have a grip of the Arabic language. You can search for your words, refine the meanings, contribute words to the dictionary and even share the words with your friends to make it an interesting journey. Within seconds you are able to get the meaning of the required word with utmost clarity and easy translations. Be a part of the ALDictionary language learning program and you shall be able to speak languages from the world with proficiency and expertise.

With being the largest Arabic free online dictionary, students from all over the world take reference of the ALDictionary to enhance their language learning experience. In the time where people have no time to read books and give time to learning new things, ALDictionary is the ultimate solution to learn new languages, get instant meaning of words and unfold a world of words that lays hidden in books!
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