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Standing in the 21st century digitalisation is all we can think of. Digitalised infrastructure of the software and applications have made everything easy for us. Hence, to make it easy for you to learn new words and take your language skills a step further we have created ALDictionary. Summarising about ALDictionary can be done by stating that, ALDictionary is your online helping hand that defines your searched words within seconds.

Our primary agenda is to help our users in finding the correct meaning for a specific word, within no time. According to us, just a few clicks of mouse or tap of fingers should be enough to find out the meaning of a newly-learnt word. Hence, we have did as we thought and presented ALDictionary for the users all around the world.

No matter whatever your profession is, you can easily put ALDictionary into your work. It will be helping you in your work and studies seamlessly. Even of you are a passionate new language learner, you can help yourself out with ALDictionary. ALDictionary is one of the very few online dictionaries that provides service on various Indian and international languages.

The languages that ALDictionary offers services in include English, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish Tamil etc. The gigantic amount of words and vocabulary that ALDictionary represents will be nothing but helpful to you. Get to know more about us, ALDictionary by gaining our free service.

Get to know ALSOFT, the developer of ALDictionary


ALSOFT is a full-fictional IT company that has been providing its clients with praise-worthy services for a decade now. Starting from a web-development and web-designing proprietorship, ALSOFT has paved its own way to become one of the very few companies to provide diverse IT related services under a single roof. From software development to digital marketing, you can gain any kind of IT related assistance from us. We look forward to stand by organic growth and make ALSOFT as one of the biggest IT firm within 10 years and ALDictionary is certainly one of our firm steps for achieving success in this mission of us.

Why should you choose ALDictionary?

Why Use ALDictionary

Since the day of keeping a pocket dictionary has gone for too long, it is only fair to have a proper and even better replacement. And ALDictionary can be the perfect replacement of your very own pocket dictionary, rather it can be even something better than that. With an active internet connection and with the help of a few clicks you can easily gain knowledge about certain words with the help of ALDictionary.

The very first reason of choosing ALDictionary is it being free. It provides you with uncountable searches without any kind of subscription fees. We understand the urgency of learning new words, and that it is more likely to be present among the students. Hence, ALDictionary is made totally free to use for you. Be it studies or be it work, you can use it as much as you want without having to pay a single penny.

The second reason of choosing ALDictionary is that it serves more than one purpose of using it. You can use the dictionary for translation purposes. As there are a number of other languages that the dictionary can be used for. ALDictionary provides services in international languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. As well as Indian languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.

The third reason of using the website is the fact that it can keep you entertained. You will be provided with a word of the day each day that will keep you entertained as well as will increase your chances of learning new words each day.

You can keep yourself entertained with the Sudoku game as well. You can test your intelligence and increase it effectively. Hence, choosing ALDictionary will sought you only benefits.

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Your valuable connects and feedback are what keep us going and make us better at our job. And we look forward to gain your further cooperation to help us in building a better platform that spreads knowledge. Your valuable feedback will be helping us to make ALDictionary better, more enriched with new words and easier for others to use.

Providing a satisfactory service is the ultimate aim of ALDictionary and we want to make our website 100% error free. Hence, we require your assistance to help us reaching our said goal. If you find any bug while using ALDictionary, we request you to directly report it by going to our report a bug page and by filling out all the details. You can know more by visiting the page.

Therefore, tell us what you think of ALDictionary and how can we make it better, make it the best online free dictionary to exist.