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Parts of Speech: noun
the state flower of Maryland; of central and southeastern United States; having daisylike flowers with dark centres and yellow to orange rays

Free Online English to Hindi Dictionary

The English to Hindi dictionary is very helpful for those individuals who are struggling to learn English as a second language. The Hindi language is a very strong language that has a separate letter for all the syllables. Quite different from Hindi, English is a difficult language as there are similar sounding words. Therefore, for a new learner, English becomes confusing sometimes. However, online English to Hindi dictionary can help solve this problem.

The free English to Hindi dictionary offers meanings, pronunciation and usage of words. You can simply type in a word in English and gets its meaning in Hindi. The English to Hindi dictionary online also provides usage of the words with examples. It also suggests similar meaning words that may be used differently in different sentences.

The best thing about using the online English to Hindi translation is that you can easily learn Hindi and English simultaneously. It is very helpful for those who wish to learn Hindi. Hindi learners can type in the words in English and get their meanings in Hindi. You can also learn the English numbers in Hindi by using the online English to Hindi dictionary.

Taking the help of online English to Hindi dictionary is not limited to only finding meanings of words. The ALDictionary also provide insight into the usage and examples of the searched words. Their usage is shown in sentences as well as in proverbs/idioms to provide a better understanding of the words. Along with this, words with similar meanings are also suggested that can be used in place of the word given at the first instance.

The best thing about using online English to Hindi dictionary is that you need not to buy separate dictionaries for the translation from English to Hindi. Moreover, with each upgrade new words are added to the dictionary, thereby never going out of date; a problem that is persistent with paperback dictionaries. You need not to carry that bulky dictionary any where anymore as you now have the online English to Hindi dictionary that provides you the meanings of words instantly with a click of the mouse.
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