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Pronunciation: ɒˈstreɪlɪən;ɔːˈstreɪlɪən ˈkɒkrəʊtʃ
Parts of Speech: noun
widely distributed in warm countries

Online English to Bangla(Bengali) Dictionary

Bengali is a very sweet, subtle and Indian language that has won hearts of millions of people. As sweet it feels to listen to the Bengali language, people find it difficult to learn it as it can sometimes become the toughest language to grab. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh and mostly spoken in the North-Eastern states of India i.e. West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and even around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Bengali has been a part of Sanskrit and Indo-European language which has transformed over time to the way it is spoken today.

If you are keen to learn Bengali; each step is a learning process. With the help of translations and dictionaries one can slowly learn words and phrases to transform their meanings of English into Bengali and can slowly understand the language.

ALDictionary English Bengali dictionary at your fingertips!
ALDictionary brings to you an online free dictionary of English to Bengali words with its meanings, phrases and translations which helps you grasp the language easier and take simple steps towards learning the language completely. Bangle free online dictionary are prevalent on the internet today but not all provide the comprehensive meanings of the words and the right meaning with respect to their English translations and sometimes may sound confusing. But the ALDictionary provides a clear understanding of the Bengali language and gives a good diction into the words of the sweetest language of India.

Best Bengali dictionary online for your reference Bengali is a bit difficult to interpret and learn for someone who has never discussed the language ever. This is because the language takes hints from Sanskrit which is again a difficult language to learn. And so when you are starting off with your Bengali language learning you need to have a reference which guides you every now and then on the words that you pick up and are trying to use. The ALDictionary English to Bengali dictionary is a ready reference to your Bengali learning with complete information about the words, their correct meanings as well as the common usage of the word.
ALDictionary makes use of vocabulary and syllables which are easy to understand as well as remember. Thus making it easy and faster to learn the language!

The difficult aspect of the Bengali language
As is evident while listening Bengali language have set of pronunciation which is very different from that of general languages like English, Hindi and Sanskrit! Bengali is actually called 'Bangla' in the language and is a lot different from other languages in aspects like:
  • The pronunciation of 'a' in words and names
  • The avoidance of gender descriptive words
As the differences can only be learnt by word of mouth or by some guidance of someone who is fluent in Bengali, the dictionaries often miss out on the aspect. But ALDictionary has paid special attention to paraphrasing and pronunciation of the words to make you fluent in Bengali.

Features of the ALDictionary, English to Bengali Dictionary
Of course online dictionaries have an upper hand when compared to the traditional dictionaries because of the instant and comprehensive structure without any weight. And thus ALDictionary English to Bengali brings an advanced experience in online dictionary. Some of the features of dictionary English bangla are:
  • Free online dictionary to get English to Bengali meaning in just a few clicks
  • The dictionary is as good as Thesaurus and guides on various aspects of Bengali Language
  • ALDictionary; Bangla dictionary not only provides the meaning for the words but also their related usage and so is the best pick for students and teachers.
  • You will get English to Bangla phrase translations too which makes learning easier
  • Learn Bengali anytime and anywhere as the dictionary is available 24*7
  • The features like 'word of the day', 'most searched words' etc make learning interesting and varied.
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