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History of Sudoku
Sudoku first emerged in newspapers in the 19th century in Paris. The game was instantly able to grab the attention of millions across the globe and today is considered to be the most popular number based puzzle worldwide. Sudoku is a Japanese word, which means “Single Word”. Initially, the game was developed by the French Puzzle builders based on the “Magic Squares”. The modern version of Sudoku is credited to an American Puzzle Creator Mr. Howard Garns. Sudoku is a logic driven game that forces the players to think outside the box and discover the single unique solution that would unravel its riddle.

Basic Format and goal of Sudoku
The puzzle game that was popularized by the newspapers has now taken the online world by storm. A single search on Google would give you thousands of Sudoku online versions that you can play. Thanks to modern computers generating Daily Sudoku puzzles has become very easy. Such ease of development has given rise to thousands of unique Sudoku puzzles that you can ponder over. Sudoku puzzles provide an opportunity for the sharp minded to test their skills and enhance their logical capabilities. To win a modern Sudoku Game you have to fill the 9X9 grid with numbers in such a way that each column, row, and subsection contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

Benefits of playing Sudoku
Over-reliance on technology is causing the emergence of numerous concentration and memory related issues. Those days are long gone when we had to exercise the visual and creative part of our brain. Therefore the modern humans have a shorter attention span, weaker memory, and reduced logical reasoning. Most of the modern games either cost hundreds of dollars or lack the basic intricacy needed to engage the brain in a creative manner, games such as Sudoku are perfect for acquiring these benefits while having a lot of fun. A lot of online Free Sudoku versions are available where you can enjoy unique Sudoku puzzles for free. It is a fun little game that forces you to use your brain, memory, and logical thinking to devise creative solutions.

Sudoku enhances the attention span, improves concentration, and increases the memory retention. It is a perfect game to kill a few spare hours while training your brain to become better. Sudoku game is a perfect package of entertainment and education.
Sudoku playing Instructions for beginners
This is a detailed guide that would help you play Sudoku like a pro and become a master at all Free online Sudoku games. No matter how smart you are, without proper technique and understanding of the game, you would not be able to go much farther as you Play Sudoku. Free Online Sudoku games follow the same rules as the puzzle pieces you find in the newspapers. Getting a good grasp of the rules and techniques of Sudoku would substantially enhance your experience. The charm of Sudoku lies in its simplicity. There are 3 simple rules that you have to understand.

  • You must have only “One” of each number from 1 to 9 in each row.
  • Any column must not have more than “One” occurrence of any number from 1 to 9.
  • The smaller 3X3 grid must not contain any duplicate numbers from 1 to 9.