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Pronunciation: ˈtrani
Parts of Speech: noun
informal a transsexual or transvestite
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Learning Japanese is now easy with ALDictionary’s English to Japanese Dictionary

Importance of an English to Japanese dictionary in learning Japanese

Japanese is one the most popular languages in current time. With the increasing popularity of anime, a good amount of the young population of the entire world is investing their time in learning Japanese. Moreover, Japan being one of the most technically advanced nations, has become one of the places offering suitable jobs to the young generation tech geeks. Therefore, the urgency of learning Japanese has reached to its peak already. However, the process is quite tough itself. There are 46 basic letters in the language, those 46 letters can be use in creating additional letters and characters. Apart from these there are symbols made of 21 romaji. Quite difficult to understand right? It is even more difficult to learn and quite time-consuming as well. Therefore, you need a solution that can successfully decrease the time of learning by incorporating an easy method. English to Japanese dictionary can be the best choice for helping you in reaching your goal.

ALDictionary’s English to Japanese dictionary serves the purpose just right. The dictionary has been developed especially for the learners, keeping their learning practices in consideration. Hence, you can find all the important tools in our Japanese Dictionary that will help you in learning Japanese effectively and quickly. ALDictionary is the best choice for strengthening your Japanese vocabulary. Our online Japanese dictionary is the gateway of enhancing your knowledge about Japanese language. With an inclusion of some of the most helpful and engaging tool, ALDictionary’s free English to Japanese dictionary claims to make your learning journey easy and fun.

Why should you choose ALDictionary for converting English to Japanese online?

There are more than one reason of choosing ALDictionary as the primary help of your English to Japanese learning journey. It is always better to summarize the points for better understanding. Hence, the reasons are listed below:
  • Our English to Japanese dictionary is totally free of cost, which means you gain our help without spending a penny. You get unlimited searches, exciting features and an opportunity of extending the area of your knowledge all for free. It is a beneficial chance for the students to grab.
  • Along with the providence of Japanese meaning and definition, ALDictionary provides you with synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations and examples of the words to be used in phrases for helping you in learning the language better.
  • ALDictionary’s English to Japanese dictionary is one of the fastest service website you will ever come across. It is capable of providing you with the results within a blink. Our advanced algorithm makes sure that you do not have to wait much to gain your results.
  • Instead of only showing the word-to-word Japanese meaning of the searched word, our ALDictionary provides you with more than one choice of the Japanese words, some of these words match the sense of the searched word can be seamlessly used in sentences to deliver a comprehensive message.
  • Our online English to Japanese dictionary is very user-friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is to change the default selection of language to English to Japanese and then type or paste the word in the search box and press enter. The results will be shown within a fraction of seconds. This makes the dictionary to easily be used by anyone irrespective of their age.
Try out our English to Japanese dictionary now and take a step forward towards learning Japanese easily and let us know what you feel about our dictionary service via the feedback section.

The benefits of the English to Japanese online dictionary, are immense. Whenever, you are in the need of knowing the Japanese version of an English word, use the online Japanese dictionary.

About ALDictionary

About ALDictionary
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