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Pronunciation: ɒˈstreɪlɪən;ɔːˈstreɪlɪən ˈkɒkrəʊtʃ
Parts of Speech: noun
widely distributed in warm countries

Free English to Chinese Dictionary

What Chinese dictionary is all about.

Chinese is the first language of the people of china. Being spoken in variables according to the natives and varied linguistic notes, Chinese is spoken in china in varied forms and pronunciations which makes it difficult to learn. There are about 71013 groups of regions who speak varied Chinese out of which Mandarin, Xiang, Min, Yue and Wu are the most popular. To learn Chinese well one should know the basic and standard form of spoken Chinese which is based on the Beijing dialect. This is the famous Chinese which is officially spoken in China and Taiwan. This Chinese is called Hanyu or Zhongwen.

To learn Chinese might feel like a difficult job but given that you have access to the translation and learning the meaning of one word at a time, it won't seem as hard as it appears.
The ALDictionary as English to Chinese dictionary
ALDictionary brings to its users a free online dictionary to learn Chinese word by word. With insights of the use of the language, meaning of each word and the use of the words in simple phrases one can take a step by step progress towards leaning Chinese easily. ALDictionary is a simple portal to learn the Chinese language and get the niche of it with continuous guidance and understanding. With a dedicated use of internet Dictionary English Chinese is a very simple yet easy way to learn the words of Chinese language comprehensively in just a few clicks!
Best online dictionary for learning Chinese
There are not many Chinese dictionaries are available in the Internet which states the word to word meaning of English to Chinese. With constant guidance and search of important words and the use of it in phrases as well as learning about the derived meaning of the words only come with the usage of ALDictionary English to Chinese. The readers are guided with vocabularies, meaning, synonyms, antonyms as well as the most preferred sentences used in Chinese to help them have a grip on the language instantly.
Features of ALDictionary English to Chinese Dictionary
Chinese free online dictionary is available in just a few clicks with the use of internet and thus it is the fastest, cheapest and the easiest way of learning Chinese with perfection. Some of the features that make ALDictionary English to Chinese dictionary unique are:
  • The dictionary helps in knowing the usage of the word. You search for the word, translate, learn meaning and also know how it is used in a Chinese sentence.
  • This is a comprehensive dictionary with words from English to Chinese that provide its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, grammar etc. complete meaning and usage of the word is understood with a single search.
  • Free online Chinese dictionary ensures that you have a free and uninterrupted service of the dictionary in your mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablets.
  • Users and creators can all contribute to make the dictionary a knowledge bank and fill in the gaps which will ensure unhindered and quality learning while sharing.
  • Free online dictionary ensures that you can learn from any part of the world at any time of the day. Because there is no age and time to learning new things, it is a 24*7 services round the year for maximum learning.
  • • Anyone from teachers, students, scholars or translators can take help from this dictionary and learn Chinese.
English to Chinese learning experience
ALDictionary is a gateway to learning new languages, better grammar and polishing skills to make a mark. Using the online dictionary will benefit you as we are giving reliable knowledge and genuine information with complete transparency to make the world a better educated place. Join hands and refine the words while contributing your share of knowledge and make the ALDictionary English to Chinese dictionary the best on the internet.
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