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genus of Old World herbs: dead nettles; henbits
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All you need to know about ALDictionary’s English to Chinese Dictionary

The need of a Chinese dictionary

China is the most populated country in the world as well as one of the most powerful nations to exist. Hence, the Chinese language holds its own gravity that cannot be measured in terms. The importance of learning Chinese language can be observed mostly in the students who look forward to study in china and the job aspirants looking forward to find a suitable job in the nation. However, they have to go through a hard time while learning the language since it is widely varied and is spoken in China in different forms and pronunciations. More than 71000 groups of region in china speak varied Chinese such as Mandarin, Xiang, Min, Yue and Wu. The Beijing dialect is considered to be the standard form as it is officially used in china and Taiwan.

Hence, learning Chinese is nothing easy and it takes quite a lot of time. A little help during the learning course can prove to be very assistive. This is why a good Chinese dictionary is needed, it can provide the learners with the much needed assistance in learning Chinese easily and fast.

ALDictionary’s English to Chinese dictionary

ALDictionary understands the urgency and the importance of learning Chinese for work and study related purposes. And the need of a proper English to Chinese dictionary to help the learners in taking a step ahead towards their goal. Hence, to help the learners with their mission ALDictionary has taken an initiative and introduced the English to Chinese dictionary that is crafted especially for the learners to learn Chinese very easily and swiftly.

With the help of ALDictionary’s Chinese free online dictionary you can understand the insights of the language as well as the usage of words in phrases. Learning a new language is a compilation of few small steps that integrate the base of language stronger. One of these steps are learning the vocabulary of the language and nothing can be better than a dictionary. ALDictionary helps you in providing the appropriate Chinese meaning and definition of an English word that you have searched for. There will be more than one word to extend the area of your knowledge even further. All of it is provided to you for free to assist you in learning Chinese totally hassle-free.

Reason why ALDictionary’s English to Chinese dictionary is the best choice for free

The demand of a good English to Chinese dictionary is quite high, however, there are very few dictionaries that actually provides an appropriate service. Most of the available dictionaries provide just the word to word meaning of the searched English word, however, it is important to learn the sense of the word as well to understand a language properly. ALDictionary does not only provide you with the word to word meaning but it also shows the suitable other words that can be used as the replace of the searched English word in different scenarios according to the change of the sense and placement of the word. Moreover, our free English to Chinese dictionary serves you with the synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations and example of the words to be used in phrases along with the Chinese meaning and definition of the searched English word. With our dictionary’s assistance you can learn Chinese faster than you initially thought you would.

Features that make ALDictionary’s English to Chinese Dictionary better than the rests

The primary agenda that lies behind the name of ALDictionary is the motto of making learning easy for the learners who are unable to invest much time in this venture. Therefore, we have crafted ALDictionary in such a way that has some of the most helpful feature to serve the primary purpose. The features of our ALDictionary are presented below:
  • Instead of just showing the meaning and the definition of the word, ALDictionary also shows the usage of the words in phrases. That helps you understanding the language better and gives you a quick insight on how the word can be used in a Chinese sentence.
  • ALDictionary’s English to Chinese free dictionary is faster than most of the available online dictionaries. It provides you with the results within a fraction of a second, which saves the time of your learning.
  • The user-friendly interface of our dictionary makes it easy even for the children to browse. You just need to change the language from the language panel and enter the desired word in the search box and click on the search button. All the results will be provided on the screen.
  • ALDictionary provides more than one meaning of a word, which plays a vital role in extending the area of knowledge of the users.
English to Chinese learning experience
ALDictionary is a gateway to learning new languages, better grammar and polishing skills to make a mark. Using the online dictionary will benefit you as we are giving reliable knowledge and genuine information with complete transparency to make the world a better educated place. Join hands and refine the words while contributing your share of knowledge and make the ALDictionary English to Chinese dictionary the best on the internet.

About ALDictionary

About ALDictionary
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