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Parts of Speech: noun
the state flower of Maryland; of central and southeastern United States; having daisylike flowers with dark centres and yellow to orange rays

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Gone are the days when you had to sit with a paperback dictionary whenever you started reading or perusing an English newspaper. Now you can find meanings of all the difficult words with a click of the mouse.

Online English to English dictionary is now available for your reference. You simply type in the words, phrases or idioms and you would instantly get it's meaning in English. This way you can get meanings of the words instantly helping you enjoy your novel or newspaper without any dictionary breaks.

The usage of the English to English dictionary is easy as you simply need to type in the word. With just a click of the mouse, you would get the English meaning and pronunciation of the word. Even the usage of the word whose meaning has been searched, is given with an example.

The best thing about using an online English dictionary is that you can find it to find the meanings of the words as in American English or British English. This is one feature that is absent with paperback dictionaries as you have to purchase different dictionaries for the said purpose.

Using the online dictionary is beneficial in the sense that you can easily get the English to English translation of words, phrases and idioms instantly. Moreover, it makes your task easier to get different dictionaries of different purposes in one place. Actually the paperback dictionaries only provide meanings of the words. But online dictionaries also provide the feature of Thesaurus, which is very helpful for advanced English learners.

The online English dictionaries are easy to use and a handy tool for parents when they are teaching their young children meanings of different words as many dictionaries also have images for the words entered. This way parents and teachers can help young children associate words with pictures enabling them to learn in a better way.

The free English to English dictionary online saves you money as well. There is no need to buy different dictionaries. Moreover, with internet enabled smartphones, you have the dictionary right in your hands at all times and wherever you go. So, switch over to an online dictionary.
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