Definition: Meaning of, mackerel in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ˈmak(ə)r(ə)l /

  • noun
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Word Forms:
Singular Plural
mackerel mackerel
[uncountable and countable]
  1. a sea fish that has oily flesh and a strong taste
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mackerel used in phrases

  • Spanish mackerel (noun)
    1. flesh of commercially important fishes especially of the Atlantic coastal waters of America
    2. any of several large marine food fishes of the genus Scomberomorus
  • chub mackerel (noun)
    1. small mackerel found nearly worldwide
  • common mackerel (noun)
    1. important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales
  • holy mackerel
    1. used to express surprise
  • horse mackerel (noun)
    1. largest tuna; to 1500 pounds; of mostly temperate seas: feed in polar regions but breed in tropics
    2. large elongated compressed food fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe
  • jack mackerel (noun)
    1. a California food fish
  • king mackerel (noun)
    1. large mackerel with long pointed snout; important food and game fish of the eastern Atlantic coast southward to Brazil
  • mackerel scad (noun)
    1. small silvery fish; Nova Scotia to Brazil
  • mackerel shad (noun)
    1. small silvery fish; Nova Scotia to Brazil
  • mackerel shark (noun)
    1. fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
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