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Pronunciation: ˌtɛknəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li
Parts of Speech: adverb
by means of technology
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ALDictionary, your best online free dictionary partner

Dictionaries are the must-haves when you are trying to learn a new language as well as something that you will need when you are trying to understand your mother tongue better. And it is important for the dictionary to meet all the requirements of being a good online dictionary and our ALDictionary has it all.

ALDictionary is free, easy to use, accurate and offers a number of diverse features that is fun to use. It makes learning easy but also works efficiently for expanding the area. With a single search you will be provided with the pronunciation of the word, the noun form, synonym and antonym, a number of examples on the word usage in different types of sentences and the obvious one, the meaning. ALDictionary can help you with more than one language, other than English you can also search words in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish and Tamil.

ALDictionary possesses an infinite bank of words that helps you in finding out meaning and applications of every new word that you come across. That too, without having to spend a single penny. All because ALDictionary is your free online dictionary partner that is ready to serve you 24x7.

Why should you use ALDictionary?

There are a number of other online dictionaries all over the internet, so you might be wondering why you should use ALDictionary. The reason is simple, because it is beneficial. The benefits of using ALDictionary are provided below:

  • ALDictionary is totally free, you get to enjoy unlimited searches without any interruption.
  • ALDictionary provides service in more than one language.
  • ALDictionary provides a grammatical explanation of the searched words as well.
  • Switching between languages in ALDictionary is very easy. You can just switch from one dictionary language to another with a single click only. You just have to select dictionary from the dropdown.
  • ALDictionary is very easy to use, can be used by children as well.
  • It has an easy navigation system that helps the users in finding out their preferred features without much difficulties.
  • ALDictionary offers the easiest explanation of a word, which does not increase complications rather helps in learning fast.
  • ALDictionary has a bunch of exciting features that can make learning very fun.
  • Fun and easy portal.
The features of ALDictionary
The features of ALDictionary have been crafted keeping consideration of the convenience of the users. With each of the feature ALDictionary looks forward to make learning fun. The primary features of ALDictionary are presented below:
  • Simple learning modules to learn easily and fast.
  • Seamless searching facilities to gain result within a second.
  • ‘Word of the day’ feature to help you in learning at least one word each day.
  • Ten useful dictionaries in ten different languages.
  • Most searched words are showed for understanding the trending words.
  • Showcasing related words to help the users in strengthening their vocabulary.
  • Grammatical explanation for better understanding.
Therefore, considering assistance from the best dictionary online, ALDictionary can help you out in searching for your desired word or enhancing the quality of your email in the very last minute. Gain your benefits by using our free dictionary, ALDictionary as soon as possible.

Hence, if you are looking for a free dictionary that serves the purpose just right then ALDictionary is just for you. Its easy search options, simple features, compatible structure and smooth navigation system will be ready to assist you anywhere and everywhere with just a few clicks. So, try ALDictionary, your best online free dictionary partner, now and ignite your area of linguistic knowledge.

About ALDictionary

About ALDictionary
The era of pocket dictionaries and skimming through the pages of the thick book to find that one particular word has been left far behind. The technological advancement has provided us with the facility of learning new words and phrases with just one click. And learning new words are now easier with the help of ALDictionary, your very own online dictionary.

ALDictionary makes learning fun, effective and easy by providing you with not only the meaning of the word, but also with the pronunciation, grammatical implications, examples and possible phrases of the word. It is okay, if you are not looking for an English word, because language is not a bar in the case of ALDictionary. Along with English our online dictionary provides facilities in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish and Tamil.

Scrabble Helper

One of the most attractive features of ALDictionary is the addition of the scrabble tool. Other than using ALDictionary as a regular dictionary, you can also use it while playing scrabble. Our scrabble dictionary helps you by confirming the validity of a word that you are looking forward to use in your scrabble game as well as it can let you know the score that you can obtain by using that word very quickly.

The efficiency of our scrabble dictionary does not end here, ALDictionary’s scrabble word builder helps you in building a word from the available titles. You can easily type out the letters of the available tiles in the search box and our scrabble dictionary will show you the words that can be made up from the jumbled letters. Hence, using a scrabble dictionary increases your chances of winning a scrabble game significantly.
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