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ALDictionary not only provides general purpose dictionary but also provides Scrabble dictionary. Scrabble dictionary is a special purpose dictionary is used in Scrabble or any other type of word games. Generally people use this dictionary to know the validity of words used in word games. We have one of the largest database for Scrabble words in the Internet. To know more please click on the button below.
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Learning new words and phrases is a joy, and ALDictionary is your online word-friend! A user-friendly online dictionary that makes everyone know the meaning, pronunciation and phrases related to words in languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and Arabic. With smooth navigation, easy search options, great compatibility, simple features, and a modern website, ALDictionary is a complete online guidance to learning new language and words! Looking for a free online dictionary? Refer ALDictionary!

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Pronunciation: ˈpəːs(ə)n(ə)l ˈɪnkʌm
Parts of Speech: noun
the income received by a single individual


Speaking a language well is not just as easy as it looks! With so many unknown words and phrases to understand, you definitely need a good online dictionary for help! ALDictionary is your free online dictionary which gives meaning and insights of words in languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic and many more.

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It is important to get easy meanings to even the most complex words and ALDictionary does just the same. ALDictionary is a very simple and communicative dictionary-cum-reference where one shall find easy meanings to tough words. And this is not it! You shall find a comprehensive guide of the word, its synonyms, idioms, phrases, usage and a lot more.

We believe that when you learn the meanings well, you pick up the words and use in your language! With our easy to use website and simplistic features, we help you find elaborative word meanings. So far our users can search for words in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Tamil!
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ALDictionary is an online free dictionary with smart features to make your learning easier and fun. Your learning gets easier and smarter with our website, which is loaded with new features and modules. They are:
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We provide the best dictionary online, not just for the new online users but for the students, teachers, writers, authors and even parents who turn to us for ready reference of meanings. Our comprehensive site provides for the word meanings, synonyms, idioms, grammar, pronunciation, speech, diction and even translations. You can trust us with the word translations of languages too, be it basic or advanced, ALDictionary is the best dictionary for online word reference and definition.
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