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Word Forms:
Singular Plural
  1. type genus of the Ranidae
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Rana used in phrases

  • Rana cascadae (noun)
    1. mountain frog found near water; of United States Northwest to California
  • Rana catesbeiana (noun)
    1. largest North American frog; highly aquatic with a deep-pitched voice
  • Rana clamitans (noun)
    1. similar to bullfrog; found in or near marshes and ponds; of United States and Canada
  • Rana goliath (noun)
    1. largest living frog; up to a foot and weighing up to 10 lbs; Africa
  • Rana palustris (noun)
    1. a meadow frog of eastern North America
  • Rana pipiens (noun)
    1. common North American green or brownish frog having white-edged dark oval spots
  • Rana sylvatica (noun)
    1. wide-ranging light-brown frog of moist North American woodlands especially spruce
  • Rana tarahumarae (noun)
    1. mexican frog found within a jump or two of water
  • Rana temporaria (noun)
    1. a common semiterrestrial European frog
  • genus Rana (noun)
    1. type genus of the Ranidae
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