Definition: Meaning of, autumn in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ˈɔːtəm /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
autumn autumns
[] [uncountable and countable]
  1. the season between summer and winter, when leaves change colour and the weather becomes cooler
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autumn used in phrases

  • autumn crocus (noun)
    1. bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers; native to western and central Europe
  • autumn pumpkin (noun)
    1. a coarse vine widely cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin and numerous seeds; subspecies of Cucurbita pepo include the summer squashes and a few autumn squashes
  • autumn sneezeweed (noun)
    1. north American perennial with bright yellow late summer flowers
  • autumn-blooming (adjective)
    1. of plants that bloom during the autumn
  • autumn-flowering (adjective)
    1. of plants that bloom during the autumn
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