Definition: Meaning of, f. in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ɛf /

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also f [British English]
  1. the written abbreviation of forte, used in music to show that a part should be played or sung loudly
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  2. the written abbreviation of female
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f. used in phrases

  • FA (noun)
    1. the FA the Football Association the organization that is in charge of professional football in England
    2. sweet FA British English not polite nothing
  • FA Cup, the
    1. a football competition open to all AMATEUR and professional football teams in the FA in England and Wales, and arranged by the FA
  • FE (noun)
    1. the abbreviation of FURTHER EDUCATION
  • FL
    1. the written abbreviation of FLORIDA
  • FM (noun)
    1. frequency modulation a system used for broadcasting radio programmes [↪  AM]
  • FO
    1. the Foreign Office the British government department responsible for foreign affairs, that is officially called the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • FT
    1. the written abbreviation of full-time [↪  PT]
  • FT 100 Share Index, the
    1. the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index a number that shows whether SHARE s in companies on the London STOCK EXCHANGE have generally risen or fallen in value on a particular day. The number is based on the SHARE prices of 100 large and important companies.
  • FT Index, the
  • FT index (noun)
    1. a market-weighted index of popular shares on the London stock exchange
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