Definition: Meaning of, fowl in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / faʊl /

  • noun
  • synonym
  • antonym
Word Forms:
Singular Plural
fowl fowl, fowls
or [uncountable and countable]
  1. a bird, such as a chicken, that is kept for its meat and eggs, or the meat of this type of bird
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  2. old use any bird
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fowl used in phrases

  • Cornish fowl (noun)
    1. english breed of compact domestic fowl; raised primarily to crossbreed to produce roasters
  • domestic fowl (noun)
    1. a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
  • fowl cholera (noun)
    1. especially of chickens an acute diarrhoeal disease caused by the microorganism that causes hemorrhagic septicemia
  • fowl pest (noun)
    1. either of two acute viral diseases of domestic fowl; characterized by refusal to eat and high temperature and discolouration of the comb
  • fowl run (noun)
    1. an enclosed yard for keeping poultry
  • game fowl (noun)
    1. any of several breeds reared for cockfighting
  • guinea fowl (noun)
    1. a grey bird that is often eaten as food
  • jungle fowl (noun)
    1. small Asiatic wild bird; believed to be ancestral to domestic fowl
  • mallee fowl (noun)
    1. australian mound bird; incubates eggs naturally in sandy mounds
  • prairie fowl (noun)
    1. brown mottled North American grouse of western prairies
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