Definition: Meaning of, parliament in English to English dictionary.

Pronunciation: / ˈpɑːləm(ə)nt /

  • noun
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Word Forms:
Singular Plural
parliament parliaments
  1. [countable] [also + plural verb British English] British English the group of people who are elected to make a country's laws and discuss important national affairs [↪  government, MP]
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  2. Parliament [singular also + plural verb British English] British English the main law-making institution in the UK, which consists of the HOUSE OF COMMONS and the HOUSE OF LORDS
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  3. [countable] the period during which the British Parliament meets
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parliament used in phrases

  • Act of Parliament
    1. a law that has been officially accepted by a parliament, especially the British Parliament
  • British Parliament (noun)
    1. the British legislative body
  • European Parliament (noun)
    1. a legislative chamber of the European Union
  • European Parliament, the
    1. a parliament whose members are elected by the citizens of the EU (= the European Union) . Its members are called Euro MPs or MEPs.
  • Houses of Parliament (noun)
    1. the Houses of Parliament the buildings where the British parliament meets, or the parliament itself [↪  House of Commons, House of Lords]
  • Member of Parliament (noun)
    1. someone who has been elected to represent people in a parliament
  • Scottish Parliament
    1. the parliament for Scotland which was established in 1999 and has the power to make laws in Scotland. The leader of the parliament is the First Minister, and its 129 members are called MSPs, or Members of the Scottish Parliament. They are elected by a system of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION .
  • State Opening of Parliament, the
    1. the occasion each year when the British queen or king officially opens the Parliament after its summer RECESS (= the period when Parliament is closed), and makes a speech saying what the government plans to do during the next year
  • hung parliament (noun)
    1. British English a parliament in which no political party has more elected representatives than the others added together
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